Meet Your Wellness Team


Carol Chao-Herring


Wellness Coordinator

Carol received a Masters in Public Health and in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley. She was previously the school social worker at Gordon J. Lau Elementary School, Francisco Middle School, and also interned at Lincoln’s Wellness Center. Prior to graduate school, Carol was a Program Coordinator at Prevention Institute where she worked on policy changes to improve physical activity, nutrition, and mental health while addressing health inequities. Carol is a Fulbright Scholar and a Critical Language Scholar and speaks Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and some Spanish. She believes in bringing self-compassion and a trauma-informed lense her work and enjoys supporting students both individually and within a systems context.



Destinee Lanns

Community Health Outreach Worker


Vanessa Compagno


School Nurse

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Whitney Green


RAMS Therapist

Yufei Chen.JPG

Yufei Chen


RAMS Therapist


Destinee Lanns is Lowell’s Community Health Outreach Worker. She has been at Lowell since August 2019.


Vanessa Compagno is Lowell High School’s registered nurse. She received a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree from the University of San Francisco in addition to her public health certificate from the Board of Registered Nursing. Before becoming Lowell’s school district nurse, she worked within the district as a private duty nurse taking care of students with special needs. She has a passion for preventative healthcare and disease management within the community, with an emphasis in both adolescents and young adults. She promotes and teaches healthy living strategies including stress management, nutrition, and reproductive health.  She is very excited to be working with Lowell High School and their Wellness Team and is looking forward to meeting all of you and working with this community.




 Whitney Green works as a RAMS (Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc.) Behavioral Health Counselor at Lowell since August 2019.




Yufei Chen is a RAMS (Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc.) Behavioral Health Counselor at Lowell High School. Growing up in both China and the Bay Area, Yu Fei values bringing cultural sensitivity and trauma informed care while working with adolescents. Prior to graduate school, Yu Fei worked in Corporate America, where she realized her passion lies in empowering and supporting people to build a fulfilling life instead of working for the man. Yu Fei received her B.S. in Human Development at Cornell University (she got bored with the consistently foggy/sunny weather in the Bay Area and wanted to experience seasons), and her M.S. in Clinical Psychology at San Francisco State University (realized the winters in upstate New York are terrible and the Bay Area weather is actually the best). In her free time, Yu Fei likes to play badminton, go on bike rides, and watch cat videos.